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See also our H2Reg.exe product.


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Q. Can I ship H2Viewer with my product?
A. Yes (with permission). But why would you want to?
    H2Viewer depends on the same DLLs (runtime API files) that ship with DExplore.
    So why not just use DExplore? More info on getting H2 runtime installed.

Q. How compatible is H2Viewer with Microsoft's DExplore?
A. H2Viewer relies on the same H2 API calls and ActiveX TOC and Index controls.

Q. MS Agent reader appears but wont speak?
A. For windows XP you will need to install SAPI 4.0 (Speech API).

Q. H2Viewer sometimes locks up for several minuets. Can you fix this?
A. When a collection is loaded for the first time or loaded after a change
    is made to the collection you will see a message followed by a long delay
    as Windows rebuilds Index and lookup tables. This is part of MS Help 2 not
    under our control. Have a cup of coffee and come back in 5 minutes.

Q. Search results are truncated at 500 items?
A. This a limitation of MS Help 2 not the viewer. MS are working on a solution.

Q. Filters are great but take so long to edit and change. Can I speed this up?
A. Again it is a limitation of MS Help 2. Computers will get faster and MS will improve it over time.

Q. Sometimes when I plug-in a collection using my authoring tool the TOC disappears.
A. The TOC disappearing tells you that the collection you are authoring is not
    syntactically correct.  Read our online tutorial and try comparing your collection
    with our demo collection:  MS H2 Collection Tutorial.

Q. How do I create MS Help 2 content.
A. We offer a shareware product called FAR HTML. It contains Wizards to get you going quickly.
    Our product H2Reg allows you to quickly register H2 collections at installation time.


Change Notes