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Jonathan Kleck posts to..

JK lists Kleck channels here: Show-notes.net "SPECIAL PROJECTS TWO" folder.
Odysee - (NEW - Jonathan):  https://odysee.com/@thejonathankleck:b
Odysee (old channel - Zack):  https://odysee.com/@zackwintz4414:a
Odysee (old channel - Cory):  https://odysee.com/@CoryBarbee:8
Brighteon (new channel, Cory Barbee):  https://www.brighteon.com/channels/eebrabyroc
Brighteon (older channel):  https://www.brighteon.com/channels/thejonathankleck
BitChute #2 (new channel, JonathanKleck2):  https://www.bitchute.com/theJonathanKleck2/
Internet Archive:  tinyurl.com/4rfrt8wa
KleckFiles: http://www.kleckfiles.com
Jonathan Kleck's video archives: https://tinyurl.com/2d8d2j8n (kleckfiles)
Twitter - https://twitter.com/JonathanKleck
Jonathan Kleck Uncensored - https://www.jonathankleckuncensored.com/

Keys To The Kingdom Of Heaven - https://www.keystothekingdomofheaven.com/
THE END HAS COME - https://www.thisisitbe4thefire.com/
COMMERCIALS playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9e0C9c1lxf_6iij_loafygOCXZOa498r
Youtube (Zack):  https://www.youtube.com/@zackwintz4414/videos
NEW - J Kleck Short videos channel: https://www.youtube.com/@JKleckb4thefire/videos
Active Sites: See also: Older Sites:

3rd Party Sites

About the JK Testimonies

The video testimonies and radio shows are property of Jonathan Kleck ministries. We are not affiliation with JK ministries, nor do we sell JK content. In several videos Jonathan invites subscribers to download and preserve his work.

Thank you Jonathan for being a faithful servant. The testimonies are the Lord's truth, our treasure, delivered for our benefit at great personal cost to you. All the glory to our king Jesus.

About this site

KleckFiles is an independent website that seeks to preserve the truth testimonies given to us through Jonathan Kleck.

KleckFiles will run on a local PC, Mac, USB drive, any device with a filesystem. It requires no special software except a modern HTML5 web browser. The HTML based software, media and KJV+ bible tools are free to download, copy & share. The KJV+ is a non-copyright version same text as e-sword. Downloading ensures Jonathan Kleck testimonies remain uncensored.

KleckFiles Apps:

Supporting Jonathan Kleck

Contact Jonathan

Use the above postal or email address.

Contact Robert

If you need help or have useful feedback (re www.kleckfiles.com site):

☆ Email Robert: info@kleckfiles.com

Useful links

List countries a Youtube video is banned in: Check _h7nWVMSuGo

Change Log

Download Site & Media | How to install

Local Setup

How to install kleckfiles to your PC, Mac or USB Drive. Works on any device with an accessable file system (Android, some newer iPads etc).
Download & install KleckFiles Site to any location (has everything except media).
📂 KleckFiles (site) - Any base folder name here. Any location. Multiple installs OK. Move/Rename OK.
┠ 📂 download
┠ 📂 html
┠ 📂 report
┠ 📂 scribe
┕ 📂 wiki
Download Media files to root folder named \KleckFiles.media on the same drive as KleckFiles Site(s).
📂 /KleckFiles.media - Default location set by html/NewSettings.js.
┠ 📂 radio - 55 GB of radio .mp3 audio files
┠ 📂 shownotes/_data - 100+ GB (200 GB on disc) of 300,000 image files - multiple resolutions
┠ 📂 video - 700+ GB .mp4 video files - sub folders /Be4TheFire, /JustaMessenger, /3rdParty, /2010 .. /2024
┕ 📂 video_mp3 - 50 GB .mp3 audio versions of video

1. Installing a KleckFiles Site

Download the latest version of KleckFiles(version).zip (small download) and unzip the content to any location on your disc or USB drive. Or easier, use the Windows installer file KleckFiles(version)_Setup.exe as this includes all the /KleckFiles.media/video/thumb files (required).

Open index.html in your browser. It should look the same as www.kleckfiles.com. All you need now are the media files (or just play off the web).

Thumb images

The folder /video/thumb/ and /video/poster/ contain small cover images of each video. You will need the /video/thumb/ folder to remove thumb not found error and see video thumbs on the Home page > index tab. In the server /thumbs/ folder some images are stored in a .ZIP file. These need to be unzipped.

2. Get the Media Files

Create folder /KleckFiles.media/ in the root of same drive containing your KleckFiles Site.
Create 4 media folders in that folder:

Select a Download Server and start downloading Video (.mp4), Audio (.mp3) & Image files to the media folders using the same folder and filenames.

Note: These folder locations can be changed via __GLOBALS.path setting in text file html/NewSettings.js, although easiest to stick to the defaults. For example images could be located on a separate USB drive.


Google Drive has been actively censoring the Jonathan Kleck ministry videos (which is a joke given that Google actively catalog all the world's pornography sites. Check a box to see it all). So don't be suprised if Google Drive has a few missing videos. Download from Koofr or One Drive instead. Some have worked out how to download directly from KleckFiles.com (but keep this to a minimum since we are charged for all KleckFiles.com data transfers - Thanks and God bless)

Kleck Files Info

Revision of local site:

Revision on website:
News: 20th Feb 2022 - Full Kleck collection now exceeds the capacity of a 500 GB USB Drive. If you exclude the /video_mp3/ folder you can just fit it on a 500 GB drive, otherwise 1TB is required. Or be selective on what you keep and share. Or store on multiple drives.


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Home Page - index.html

Tutorial & Help

This video tutorial will introduce you to the main features of Kleck Files.
View Kleck Files Video Tutorial

Additional Info

index.html command-line examples

DVD, USB & Link Sharing

2024-04-04: The DVD Project Video 240404 is finished and ready to share.
240404-01 HD-720P (686MB) or 240404-02 Full-HD-1080P (1.27GB)
Web Link
The #START landing page is a good KleckFiles link to share. It features the new 240404 video.
-shorthand: www.KleckFiles.com#start
-shorthand: www.KleckFiles.com?tag=start
USB Flash Drive
Download and share 240404 plus any other favorite videos on a USB stick or disc.
Most JK videos are 720P and ruffly 400MB in size. So a 32GB USB could hold upto 64 videos.
But sometimes less is more - Maybe just 240404 + Personal Testimony? As usual do as led.
Burning a DVD
Do you require the 240404 video as a standard-definition DVD? Both NTSC (USA/..) and PAL (AU/NZ/..) DVD images are available (as .ISO files) to download and burn to DVD.

You will need access to a computer with a DVD burner (or friend with a computer). Or find a retail store that can burn discs. Blank DVDs (Single Sided/Single Layer/4.7GB) and USB DVD burners are cheap on EBay, or check your local supermarket or tech store.
Windows 10 can burn .ISO image files to DVD - see HowToGeek.com. As can Apple Mac - Apple MacOS instructions.
I use a free Windows DVD Burner program CDBurnerXP.

Download the 240404 DVD .ISO files from the Download Page.
KleckFiles on USB
The "KleckFiles Site" can be downloaded and run on a USB Stick or drive. Very small. The Site includes KJV+ bible, KleckFiles Wiki and Video Text Transcriptions. Download any videos you want to include on the USB (or play videos off the web).

How to Download

Whenever you see a new version available (displayed top-right of www.KleckFiles.com) go and download the latest KleckFiles.zip from /download/ folder. Unzip to a local folder and copy in any existing media you have already downloaded (/videos/, /video_mp3/, /radio/). And you are up-to-date.

Open 'index.html' in your web browser. When you play local video files you will quickly discover which videos are missing locally (they wont display). Download any missing video files (or play off say Youtube if available).

How to download Kleck Files:

Amazon S3 Server downloads

To download the latest files from Amazon S3 site, first open the online version of this file:


Click on the file links below (or right-click) to download the files you want.

Note: The Kleck video files all begin with a unique date / folder code. Download to a common folder and sort into the correct Kleck folders later if it helps.

If you downloaded KleckFiles.zip (above) then you already have these base files. Scroll down to download the videos on-by-one.

📂 kleck

📂 kleck\html

📂 kleck\kjv

Video Filter: Full List - Click to toggle filter

Bible Tools

The Bible Tools page is available via the main Index page

KJV+ (King James Bible with Strongs Concordance) are non-copyright material. This bible was created using simple HTML and JavaScript files. It runs in any modern WebBrowser, on a website or offline (without Internet) on a USB drive etc. Thank you BibleHub.com for supplying digital versions of KJV & Strongs. Thank you also to E-Sword, we found everyones KJV+Strongs text was slightly different so standardized on E-Sword format.

Version information (displayed top-right corner of the screen). Strongs websites such as BibleHub.com are much better, but then they require an Internet connection. Use the link to BibleHub.com (bottom of Strongs dialog) to lookup extra detail.

Help Tips

Change Notes

Radio Player

You can play radio shows in the Wiki Radio page or the radio.html page.

The radio.html HTML file is a light-weight HTML5 audio/video player for playing Kleck Files media. Or just download the .mp3 audio files and play them on your device.

Radio 1 - No longer available. Jonathan Kleck produced Blog Talk radio shows (2014-2017). Internet radio no longer broadcasts. Note that the shows are all available as downloads and online play via Radio 2 and Radio 3 channels.

Radio 2 - This does not required the Internet (if you download the media). Download the /radio/2016/ and /radio/2017/ folders of .mp3 show files (3GB total of 32 kbps stereo .mp3). Or optionally download the original /radio/HD/ version (12GB total of 128 kbps stereo .mp3). Same files but bigger. Music may sound better. Click [Ch] button for Chapter jump list.

Radio 3 - Like Radio 2 no Internet required (if you download the media). The 433 .mp3 Blog Talk shows (128kbps HD quality - 40+GB total) are stored in the /radio/BlogTalk/ folder. See the downloads page. Thank you Jim Sullivan from collecting these shows. Radio 3 likely duplicates Radio 2. There may be some unique shows in Radio 2.

Audio - (optional) Plays 64kbps .mp3 audio versions of the Kleck video files. To listen to audio files, download \video_mp3\ folder.

Video - (optional) Plays .mp4 Kleck video files (same as www.kleckfiles.com). If you have downloaded some of the \video\ folder, then you are good to watch videos offline in the radio.html page, or in the Kleck Files home page, or use your own video player.

Help Tips

Change Notes


Text Transcriptions of Recordings

Open scribe.html to view several transcribed videos.
Web link: www.kleckfiles.com/scribe.html
Machine-converting an audio recording to text is easy. Proofing and correcting takes time. Email if you can help. See active list below.

Transcriptions can be found by searching index.html > videos page for @T: (find all)
or @T:1 (raw: machine transcribed but not checked)
or @T:2 (in progress: now checking)
or @T:3 (published : transcribed and checked)

e.g. index.html?1&@T: (find all transcriptions)

Help for Scribes

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Wiki & Lego pages

KleckFiles Wiki - Explore more

Open wiki.html to view.
Open wiki.html?@pl&cmdline to view command-line options. This is a work in progress.

Lego - Scripture Explorer + Search + Strongs

Open lego.html to view.
Scripture posts reveal new meaning when read in the original Hebrew or Greek using the Strongs Concordance.


lego.html?Gen - Show only posts marked 'Gen' (use Bible Books dropdown or Keywords dropdown for values).
lego.html?Gen&2Ti - Show posts marked 'Gen' as well as posts marked '2 Tim'.
lego.html?list - Go to List page

lego.html?search - Go to Search page
lego.html?search&genesis 1 - Search video chapters for Gen 1 references
lego.html?search&gen 2:2 - Search video chapters for Gen 2:2 references
lego.html?search&twig bookstore - Search chapters & transcriptions for phrase "twig bookstore"

lego.html?sc - Go to Strongs Concordance page
lego.html?sc&1212 - Go to Strongs Concordance page and look up G1212 and H1212


Gallery 1 & Gallery 2 Image Viewer

Download Page

Go to the download page for viewers and images. The KleckFiles Site contains the viewers. For the images go to any /shownotes/ download folder (see the readme file there for instructions).


Notice the Archives tab on the left? View snapshots of past publications.
To enable Archives feature on a local PC download:
Copy the /shownotes/g2archive/ server folder into your local /KleckFiles.media/ folder.

Export Folder

When KleckFiles is downloaded and run on the local PC you will see an extra menu item "Export Folder". For Gallery 2 all image files are stored in date uploaded folders with database type names like "20240306130147-afb0afe9.png". Use Export Folder to export the selected Album folder out of the database using the Album name and the original upload filenames.

For Gallery 1 we don't have such an issue. This old version of Piwigo image server (used by www.show-notes.net Gallery 1) used logical folder and file names.
Just go to D:\KleckFiles.media\shownotes\_data\g1\var\albums\...
to find & copy the image folders you need. Export Folder can still be used if you want to create the full folder name.

Save to a text file. Examine the contents. Rename to .bat (windows executable) and run the batch file to start copying database items out to your disc (the disc containing the .bat file).
Copy to Clipboard: Option 1. Paste output into a text file (may not work for very large files of 12,000+ items).
Save to File: Option 2. If your browser allows you to choose the download location then save where you want to. If your browser settings say save to a predefined directory then no Save dialog will be seen. In this case go to the browser download folder to find the saved file "ShowNotes_Export.txt".

Running a Slideshow

Under the 3 bar MENU ☰ (top-right) notice the commands "Start Slideshow" & "Programmed Slideshow".
You also start a slideshow from the browser address line, as well as from the image viewer side panel.

Single Album Slideshow

Play All Albums Slideshow

Note: Internet based Slideshows will only play the first selected album.

Programmed Slideshow

To specify your own custom list of albums to run...

Note: Internet based Slideshows only play the first album.

Start Slideshow using command-line

To start a programmed slideshow use a browser URL like:

To start a simple slideshow starting at album ID=316:

General Slideshow Info

Project Objective

The objective was to create a simple HTML system that could be easily copied to a cheap USB stick, so that Kleck Friends could leave behind the truth for their family and friends. And for the price of a USB stick we can copy and share the data with others (we assume when the bride leaves, all truth material will be stripped from the Internet).

Project Costs - Amazon Hosting

It's appropriate we talk about costs.

I serve the King freely. However, some things are beyond my scope. Here's the deal...

According to Amazon S3 Server Pricing hosting a web site with 400 GB of media is relatively cheap. The sting is potentially in the downloads. Amazon S3 download cost is around $0.114 per GB. So if one member downloaded 400 GB data (the entire KleckFiles collection), it would cost around US$45.

So I need to monitor downloads carefully. If daily costs are too much I can cut the pipe to the media data.

Solution #1 - Ask for a copy of the USB stick

Cheapest solution is ask in the Kleck Communities - Can someone make a copy of the USB stick for you. Email me as well.

Solution #2 - Download from Youtube yourself

Get FireFox browser on the PC/Mac. Install a few Youtube Download Extensions (one is bound to work, but many don't). Then systematically download each video to the recommended name and folder.

Solution #3 - Download from Google Drive etc

Looking like the cheapest approach. We pay a low fee for space on Google Drive with unlimited free downloads. The following link will take you there:

Please spread the word.


Solution #4 - Donate if you can afford it, to cover cost of downloads from www.kleckfiles.com

You get fast downloads, with correct file names, from Amazon Servers + we pay our Amazon bills. A win-win.

If you are able to donate please send a donation to the following PayPal address. ALL donations go towards running www.KleckFiles.com. Suggest you download before making a donation. Suggest USD$10 or more.

☆ info@kleckfiles.com

Worst Case Scinario

If the site gets too costly I can disconnect .mp4 video downloads and direct people to the cheaper Google Drive.

Timeline - Key Dates

Date/Times are Texas time. Please let me know if I've made any mistakes. These are my own notes / noodling.